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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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francisco. my name is is mohammed's and i'm the director of public works here in the city and county of san francisco and i want to welcome you all to this great
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event. there are s.p. so many students from carr michael school. and the partners are here giveng back to the community. we have some volunteers and, of course, many city employees. today, we're going to giving back to san francisco and undertaking a project cleaning our buses and to get started i wanted to introduce our mayor a man who has made growing jobs and revitalizing our neighbors the cornerstone of our neighborhood. he was what the director of pblgs and he knows what this that means inform the city and county of san francisco. he lead many of the programs but
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the latter is the giant sweep how many know about that. last year the giants one the world series and the way they won it was through tomato te teamwo teamwork. with your help we're going making san francisco being the cleanest and greatest city in the world. let me introduce our mayor, may i mayor ed lee. thank you mohammed pardon me morning lou sell and sweep i didn't you how you doing (laughter) well everybody thank you for being here at the civic center it's cool to be squad car. that he betsy ca mistake thank you forecoming out.
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many of you will have a chance to work with us main you'll get a job at the square. well, i want to thank mohammed for the giant sweep we want this and as of today 20 thousand youth in our san francisco city as signed the pledge to keep our neighborhoods clean and beautiful. hobby that? 20 thours thousand. i love the fact that our new neighborhood company square it was about to move in and i want to thank jack dorsey as a leader here to connect up with the employees of square because we have some 17 projects in addition to a cleaning the streets and take care of our trees there's feeding seniors
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and there's a bunch of things we want to do and in the where a lot of our employees are going their helping us fulfill the values of what san francisco is all about this is what it means to live and work here in san francisco. and so joining our giant sweep and being a part of the values of the city and then there's another agency that's kind of could led with the san francisco public works and donates our muni. east rick reiskin is here with a lot of assets our new buses and trollies and kids when you get to ride many of you will ride for free and we want everybody to grow and respect this aspect. so seeing folks telling them
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it's not cool 80 to graffiti the buses and, save all that money and grow our system to make sure that all of the assets keep growing and we don't have to spend a lot of time removing graffiti from our buses and stuff. from the divorce being cool and square to argue kids at carr mistake to all of the agencies working together thank you very much for making giant sweep a success in the city of san francisco. thank you very much for being here. >> all right. another big hand for our mayor (clapping). >> so open on behalf of the department of public works and all the workers who do this 7
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dazed a week twenty-four hours they do their best to keep the city clean but today, i'm tow salute all the folks. today, the department alone and all the departments collectively are going to help and a big thank you to you, please hear from our ceo jack dorsey. (clapping) >> we have over 5 hundred squares here today. raise our hands. right here and let's imperative a big thanks to the department of public works and the mayor. (clapping). on monday we move right under you can see our building and what's the name of this
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building? fox plaza right there. we're super excited to move. one of the things we started around fifth and midgets was a program called sf clean streets. we started in february every friday for thirty minutes we pick up trash or whatever we found in the street and adopted to the city and we've pickup over 35 hundred pounds of trash. that movement has inspired this day of service but he want this to be going on. we will be continuing in our neighborhoods to make sure our neighborhoods are clean and
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responsible to others. so that's what day is about we have 17 projects we love this work and with that back to you >> thank you another big hand for jack (clapping) our city 70 san francisco is made up of many neighborhoods and today, we're in district 6 supervisor jane kim is the supervisor of the district and supervisor kim is very supportive and she is very thankful for today's event. please welcome supervisor jane kim (clapping). >> i was like to say that the department had of dwp is really
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we depended upon them and i call mohammed at all times of the day and before it was ed lee and when ed lee was out here personally cleaning the streets earlier in the morning i was a community orientationer and we used to do our own clean up of the neighborhood with the high school students and ed lee then department head used to come to chinatown to inclusive deliver the dust bags and stuff. it's really great to welcome you all out here. i want to say it's important we all participate in making our city as beautiful as possible whether it's the spreadsheets
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students at the carr michael the only school that serves our children through 8th grade. i think it's also important we're not all out here once a year. which when is so amazing if you're regularly out here cleaning the city this isn't just one day our regulating helping to clean our city and i want to say thank you. so let's get out there and clean our neighborhoods >> all right. one more speaker when the mayor launched the giant sweep program he didn't want it to just be dwp or the carr mistake students one
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area we need to do a lot of work on is the transit system particularly our buses. there are people who get on the buzz sz they trash our buses and tag them. so the giant sweep has reached $0.84 it out to the transportation department. please welcome mr. reiskin >> as the other former public works director i thank you for being here. particularly the young people. it was nine hundred years ago that the people of san francisco figured that public transportation was very important we were the first transit foundation in the united
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states but as a puny transit system once that was called the people's railway it's really part of the public realm like our public buildings and our trains and our buzz stops we should think of them in the same way pare the leaders here have about a great partner but this gentleman was saying can you incidental someone walking into city hall and starting to puck put a sticker on the doors we won't tolerate that we should have the same obsolesce for our trains and other assets. as the mayor said we want everything to look good and save and ordinarily. but the mayor and i had an
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opportunity probably a year ago now to invest the square and i was impressed besides you having beer in the refrigerator it's a time and this may have changed but jack was telling us something like 95 percent of the square people lives in the city whether you're still at 95 or not a lot of you are riding our bikes in the city and we would like to take some of the million dollars that we're spending that dwp is spending to try to clean up our system we'd rather direct that money to buying now a buses and believe new bike lanes. you kids all live in the city
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it's about taking pride in the city. i could say we're spending million dollars dollars cleaning up after other folks but the muni of the city is exactly what is happening today you coming out and being willing to compete see who can get the buses clean. and mohammed thank you for inviting muni and the sfmta into the giant sweep. we welcome the square we're right across the street from you and glad to have you in the neighborhood and glad to have the bicycle safety around carr michael school at the great urging of supervisor kim.
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i look forward to seeing the shiny new buses arrest all right. are we ready to go to work. yeah. >> while you're out there working please number one priority work safely. if you see items that you are doufbl of talk to a supervisor. most of them will be around in a vest. places, dates, and times please don't touch things our doufbl which. it's a little bit hot today so drink a little bit of water and a at the end of the day we'll all come back and enjoy the great work payroll thank you union square and everyone and let's have
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